When you are traveling into and out of JAX, the last thing you want to do is to worry about your car. That is why we have worked hard to provide you with a simple to use valet service. Our airport valet parking at Green Mango Parking is designed to be as easy to manage as possible. It is the best way to get into your car and on your way in no time.

How Do Airport Parking Reservation Services Work?

We make the entire process easy for you. Our airport parking reservation service in Jacksonville, FL allows you to book your reservation for a location on our mobile app in advance of your arrival at the lot. Then, you can drive to our covered portico near the airport, drop off your car, and our valet will take you to the airport. This is a fast and easy way to get your car in our airport daily parking lot without having to worry about missing your flight.

What Happens When You Come Back with Airport Valet Parking?

Once you arrive at JAX, you can claim your luggage and make your way to the ground transportation area. Once there, you can use the app again to request a shuttle to your vehicle. We will automatically arrive at your location to pick you up. You can also text ahead for us to arrive faster to you. Providing your airline confirmation number helps us to be ready in your landing area.

Our airport valet parking is designed to be easy for you to use. Our airport daily parking option is designed to meet all of your needs. Check out our services in Jacksonville, FL today.